Download Chimera jailbreak for iOS 12.4

Download Chimera jailbreak for iOS 12.4

Electric jailbreak team has updated the Chimera jailbreak for iOS 12.4.In this tutorial we will give give you direct links to Download Chimera jailbreak for iOS 12.0-12.4 ipa.We will provide you the latest version to download.

You can also download chimera jailbreak for iOS 12.4 without computer.Now not to fear while downloading from this website.We will provide you different download links and of course get sileo on your iOS devices all the download links required are located down below in this tutorial.

Now I mainly wanted to write this tutorial letting you guys know that the Chimera jailbreak has been updated, if you guys want to switch over to that or use that as an alternative to uncover you definitely can. This supports A8 through A11 devices still no A12 support and surprisingly no A7 support for the Chimera jailbreak.

The download links are t the end of this tuorial and you just sideload it like you would using a third-party application installer we have a couple on that article that you guys can choose from so you can get the latest version of both jailbreak utilities. I’ve used both on my iPhone X  running iOS 12.4 .I’ll just show you guys real fast that I’m on the latest version of iOS that again is still publicly signed definitely get to this version if you’re on iOS 12.3 or above now let me break this down for you guys real fast if you guys have an A12 device like the iPhone Xs ,Xs Max ,still the only way you can jailbreak is if you’re on iOS 12 to 12.1.2.

Now later on the sock puppet or sock port exploit whatever variation of that came out and allowed users to jailbreak on iOS 12.1.3 and testing on those firmwares the exploit is super super reliable on A7 through A11 devices .Again running iOS 12.1.3 to 12

The new exploit that was released that allowed that jailbreak to be possible was patched in iOS 12.1.3, patch remained in iOS 12 .3.1.But for whatever reason the patch was removed in iOS 12.4 very shocking anyhow kind of a big mess up on Apple’s part to allow a jailbreak to happen on a publicly signed firmware so that is why we have the brand-new jailbreak on iOS 12.4.

Now here comes the big catch unfortunately the sockpuppet exploit really isn’t too reliable on iOS 12.4 for whatever reason, so if you guys are on an older iOS version and are currently jailbroken thinking about updating I personally would just wait.If you guys are on iOS 12.3 or 12.3.1 I actually had a few viewers on an iOS 12.4 beta any of those versions those are not supported by this new jailbreak utility, and if you’re in that case where you can’t jailbreak definitely just update to iOS 12.4 that is if you have an iPhone 5s to an iPhone X .

Now if you have an iPhone Xs Max or an A12 device do not update to iOS 12.4.The main kernel level exploit does work on those firmwares.Unfortunately that’s not all that is needed for A12 jailbreak.So if you guys have a newer device still stay on the lowest firmware for everyone else that’s not jailbroken that wants to jailbreak definitely update to iOS 12.4, test your luck with either chimera or uncover.

Both jailbreak utilities are going to do the exact same thing use whichever one works for you for whatever reason that chimera seems to be working a little bit better on my iPhone X, but we can’t get it to work on an iPhone 6 at all work in contrast uncover worked on the very first time on our iPhone 6 but it struggles on our iPhone X.

So really just use whichever utility works best for you again the exploit is super unreliable it definitely takes me two or three attempts to actually re-enable and jailbreak for the very first time, so if you guys are running in tears I’m not too surprised I am too so I just want to share my experience.

Anyhow guys camera has been updated if you guys want to switch over to that and use sileo. That is the best way to install it.If you guys want to stick with uncover and use the OG Cydia that’s perfectly fine too but all in all this is absolutely fantastic I can’t believe we have to jailbreak utilities out for a publicly signed version of iOS ,it’s absolutely fantastic news guys and what is this the fourth or fifth jailbreak for iOS 12.

Image result for Download Chimera jailbreak for iOS 12.4



  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6S and 6S Plus
  • iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
  • iPhone 5S


  • iPad Mini 2
  • iPad Mini 3
  • iPad Mini 4
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad (2017) 5th Generation
  • iPad (2018)
  • iPad Pro (11-inch)
  • Third-generation iPad Pro (12.9-inch)


  • iPod touch (6th generation)




  • A compatible iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  • A compatible iOS firmware version
  • A computer running Windows, Linux or macOS (optional)
  • Cydia Impactor utility (optional)
  • Internet connection

Anyhow guys there’s a bunch of updates coming out for both jailbreak utilities if you guys want to wait for a super stable version just give it about a week or so I’m guessing but what you have to do right now is get to iOS 12.4.If you’re on iOS 12.3 or above because along with an iOS 13 beta we could also see a new version of iOS 12 released today.

iOS twelve point four point one most likely that’s going to patch the vulnerability that makes this jailbreak possible anyway as pones says he’s really looking forward to see what Apple is going to say in their security contents about this.

Thank you so much for watching for reading this tutorial. I really hope you enjoyed our quick updates here and there and if you did definitely show your support, but thank you so much for watching stay tuned for more awesome content coming later today but until next time this is sign out.


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