How To take Screenshot on iPhone 6/6 plus

How To take Screenshot on iPhone 6/6 plus

Nowadays screen shots are very important and useful to keep everything in your memory .In this tutorial we will show you how to take screenshot on iPhone 6 and 6 plus.Taking screen shot on iPhone is very easy you just have to follow some steps in order to take screen shot.We will also tell you how to take screen shot without Home button on iPhone 6.You can also read how to reboot iPhone 6.

Now if you want to share anything with your friend or with family member you don’t need to copy that message or anything on your display.The easiest way is to take screen shot of your iPhone display and then send it to your Friends.So in order to take ss on iPhone 6 and 6 plus you have to read this tutorial.

If you have used the older versions of iPhone then taking screen shot on iPhone 6 is same as it was on the older version.But if you are new on iPhone then it will be hard for you to take screen shot for the first time.

How to take screen shot on iPhone 6

Now both version of iPhone have same methods to take screen shot.First let’s tell you how to take screenshot on iPhone 6 then we will move on to iPhone 6 plus.

  1. Hold your iPhone 6 into your hand.
  2. Then Press+Hold sleep/awake button and at the same time press Home button.

That’s it screenshot has been taken successfully.Now share this screenshot with your friends or with family members.To find capture screen shot go into the Camera roll there you will find that screen shot you can fix screen shot on iPhone 6 or you can edit ,crop that screenshot in the camera roll of your iPhone 6.

How to take screenshot on iPhone 6 plus

Take SS on iPhone 6 plus is same as for iPhone 6 but if you want to know separately then follow below listed steps.

  1. Hold your iPhone 6 plus in your hand.
  2. Then Press+Hold sleep/awake button and at the same time press Home button.
  3. Screen shot taken successfully.

How To take Screenshot on iPhone 6/6 plus

How to screenshot on iPhone 6 without home button

Is your iPhone 6/ 6 plus home button is broken and you want to take screenshot?Then you don’t have to worry because I have a solution for this,follow below listed steps to take screenshot without home button on iPhone 6/6 plus.Also Read how to fix iPhone 6 wont charge.

  1. From the home screen of iPhone 6/6 plus go to Settings.
  2. Find General and tap on it.
  3. Scroll down click on Accessibility.
  4. There you will see AssistiveTouch tap on it.Enable the slider if it’s OFF.
  5. Once you enable the slider you will see a white dot.
  6. Whenever you tap the AssistiveTouch icon, you’ll see a menu that provides quick access to various functions. To easily add screenshot functionality to this menu, select Customize Top Level Menu.
  7. Click an icon you’d like to replace and choose Screenshot.
  8. Also you can add an icon by clicking the + button and creating a new shortcut to Screenshot.


How can you take a screen shot without using your lock button ?

To take screenshot on iPhone 6 and 6 plus without lock button you can follow below listed steps.

  1. From the Home screen of your iPhone 6 go to the Settings.
  2. Then tap on General.
  3. Then scroll down and click on accessibility
  4. Then Assistive touch (click on).
  5. A dot will appear when you tap on assistive touch.
  6. Then go into devices and lock screen will appear. Tap on the lock screen and press the home button at the same time and it will screen shot.

How to take screenshot of Lock Screen?

If you want to capture lock screen of iPhone 5/6 plus then there is also a method.It’s not a hard method.In this method you have to use Sleep and home button .How? follow below given steps.

  1. Lock your iPhone 6/6plus.
  2. First hold sleep button and then press Home button and the same time.

That’s all for today.That was fun to write on how to take screen-shot on iPhone 6 and 6 plus with and with out home button.If you like this tutorial then share this with your friends and with your family members.

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