Hide WhatsApp Status on iPhone from Specific Contact

Hide WhatsApp Status from Specific Contacts on iPhone/Android

Don’t want to allow someone to see your status?Then in this tutorial we will tell you How to hide Hide WhatsApp Status on iPhone from Specific Contact.You can implement this tutorial on any version on iPhone including iPhone (5,6,7,8,X,11) on iOS (9,11,12.2,13).

That instant you give your WhatsApp number to someone, you allow them right of entry to your statuses as well. On the other hand there are intervals when you want to share something with a specific group of people in your contact list. Understanding the challenge, WhatsApp has merged a unique feature known as Status Privacy.

Cheers to that, WhatsApp status can now be hided from specific contacts on iPhone and also on the Android devices. By default, whatsapp status can be seen by only when both the parties have their numbers kept in their phone directory. Our phone directory is not limited to only our family, friends, and coworkers. It prolongs to some of our clients, our associates, and some of the undesired contacts too. This feature is an abundant way to manage people that can or cannot view your status story, certifying that it is only visible to those people whom you want them to watch.

Steps on How To Hide WhatsApp Status on iPhone from Specific Contact

Follow below listed steps to know How to hide whatsapp status from some contacts on iPhone/Android.

Step #1. Open you WhatsApp application on your iPhone/Android.

Step #2. Single Tap on Status tab from the menu section.

Step #3. In there, Select Privacy from the top-left corner of the mobile screen.

Note: For Android users, they will see three-dot icon from the top-right of the screen, tap on it and select Status Privacy.

Step #4. Here on this page, you can choose who should see your status update from these three options.

  • My contacts – This permits all of your contacts to see the status that you update
  • My contacts except –  WhatsApp status updates will be visible to all of your contacts except those whom you selected
  • Only share with – From this option, WhatsApp Status will be visible to only these specific contacts

Step #5. Tap on Done to save the setting and exit.

how to hide whatsapp status from some contacts

That’s all folks!!
In the world of several messaging apps, WhatsApp is upholding a strong market. This is just because of these upbeat features that WhatsApp is adored and used by nearly everybody.

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