Download Movies and TV Shows from Apple TV+ on iPhone

How to Download Movies and TV Shows from Apple TV+ on iPhone or iPad

In this Tutorial we will show you How to Download Movies and TV Shows from Apple TV+ on iPhone .If you are a movie lover then this Tutorial is for you we will show you simple and easy methods to download movie on your iPhone or iPad from the Apple TV.

As planned, Apple’s streaming service — Apple TV+ — went live this week. The introduction library consists of eight original TV shows & one Hollywood movie. Right away, may be Apple TV+ isn’t a great competitor of Netflix but soon it will be. If you are already addicted to the shows on Apple TV+ and want to download later while traveling, by following these steps you can save them for offline viewing.

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Just like Apple’s other services and products, it is quite simple to download movies and serials from your Apple TV+ for future offline viewing. Though, there are a few limits that you need to be aware of.

Download Movies and TV Shows from Apple TV+ on iPhone

Download Movies, TV serials from Apple TV+ for future Offline Viewing: Things to be aware of

  • For offline viewing of movies and TV shows in future, they can only be downloaded on Apple TV+ when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • TV show episodes and movies cannot be downloaded over cellular data.

Just like Amazon Prime or Netflix, Apple TV+ does not give you the option of selecting the download resolution. It is automatically determined by the device you are using Apple TV+ on.

How to Download TV Shows, Movies from Apple TV+ for Offline Viewing

Step 1: Open the Apple TV+ app on your iPhone or iPad device.

Step 2: From Watch Now tab, select the movie or the TV show that you want to download.

Step 3: Beside every episode name you will see a Download icon. Simply tap on it to download your episode.

Step 4: you can vie your downloaded movie or TV show in the Library tab. There you can see a Download list. Tap on it to view all your downloaded content that is available for future offline viewing.

Movies and TV shows are categorized by the show name and season and also that depends on downloading speed, this takes some time to download the content offline.

You will be taken straight to the Downloaded tab, every time open the Apple TV+ app, and shows a list of content that you downloaded for offline viewing. To watch the content simply Tap on the content and it will play.

How to Delete Downloaded Movies or TV Show from your Apple TV+

When you are in downloaded tab, you can delete any of your downloaded content from your Apple TV+ by simply swiping left on it.

Deleting Entire TV show season or multiple movies isn’t an issue in Apple TV+. However, I feel that Apple should provide its users to give more control over the file that user downloads and it they should also offer an option to download content over cellular data.

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