Download and Install Kodi on iOS 13 Without Jailbreak

Download and Install Kodi on iOS 13 Without Jailbreak

How To Download and Install Kodi on iOS 13,13.1,13.2,13.3,13.1.2 ,13.2.1,13.2.2,13.2.3 without jailbreak:This tutorial is all about how to download and Install Kodi on any version of iOS.Kodi is one of the best free streaming application that is available on almost all the version of iOS.Once you installed Kodi on iPhone then you can stream all kind of stored media.

It doesn’t matter which model of iPhone you have you can get on any version of iPhone including iPhone 5,iPhone 6,iPhone 7,iPhone 8 and the two latest model of iPhones the iPhone X,XS Max,iPhone XR and the most famous iPhone 11 PRO MAX.You can simply download on the all version of iOS.

What is Kodi?

Now before you install Kodi for iPhone you must know that what is Kodi.I’m sure you’ve heard about Kodi whether that’s in the news online or maybe you have a kodi system yourself .So let me give you a quick introduction of what Kodi is well Kodi is essentially a media center, it’s software that runs on a device of your choosing, so there are these Android TV boxes I’m sure you come across at some point that advertise if they have Kodi installs on there all they’re really doing is getting an Android system and installing Kodi on there as an app and I’m telling that to you as a Kodi box.

Other ways you can enjoy Kodi is by installing something called openelec on Raspberry Pi 3 which is what I’ve done.So the real power of Kodi really is that it lets you consume media in many different forms you’re able to use apps like Netflix and YouTube which are the typical means of media consumption these days.But you can also go ahead and install add-ons which gives you a lot more flexibility on the content offered.

There are thousands of applications out there available a lot of them are in the gray area of legality but there are quite a few legitimate add-ons are available for Kodi which can really step up the experience.For example I have add-on installed which lets me watch live TV for free and legally on my Kodi box .You can also use Kodi to stream content from your local network onto your TV so for example if you have a bunch of video files on your laptop just sit in there you never get time to sit at your laptop and watch them so you can stream that content over your land onto your TV, so you’ll be able to enjoy that content on your big screen.Kodi at its core is a media player that lets you to watch live TV sports, movies TV shows music and much more.Any Content that’s available on your standard cable box is usually available on Kodi as well.

How Kodi Works?

How kodi works?The way it works is through add-ons that different developers create you install those add-ons on your Kodi box and then you have full access to that content so I hope that helps you understand what Kodi is it’s not going away anytime soon I know there are a couple legal battles in canada currently against Kodi so we’ll see what happens with that.

Is Kodi is Free?

Of course the most important thing is the price tag how much does Kodi cost surprisingly Kodi is actually free completely free.A lot of these companies advertise if they have a Kodi box all these apps installs and sell it to you for like $100 and you’re like wow it’s an amazing deal but realistically they paid nothing for that all they’re going to take in like an Android box or a small PC installed the free Kodi software on there installed a couple add-ons and then sold that to you for a profit so the most cost effective way of running Kodi in my opinion is to purchase a Raspberry Pi for around $35 and install the software called openelec on that this will give you full access to Kodi.You can download add-ons you want and enjoy all the content you want.

Tip:If you are looking for a simple way to install the best add-ons and repositories quickly and efficiently, I suggest using a Kodi Build.

Download and Install Kodi on iOS 13 Without Jailbreak

Kodi For iPhone or iPad will allow you to watch and download free media on to your iPhone.You can not download Kodi from App store because there is no Kodi application inside the App store of iPhone.So in this Tutorial we will install kodi thorough a third party app store.

You can also download Tutuapp on iOS 13 which is one of the best  App store alternative.And with the help of this awesome App store Alternative you can download and Install Moviebox and Showbox on iOS 13.

Remember We will download and Install Kodi without jailbreak and I recommend you when you are installing or using kodi for iPhone you must use it with VPN installed on your iPhone.


Steps on How To download and Install Kodi on iOS 13

As I mentioned above that to Install Kodi we have to download it from third part store so we will download it from TweakBox so follow below listed steps on How To Download and Install Kodi on iOS 13,13.1,13.2,13.3,13.1.2 ,13.2.1,13.2.2,13.2.3 without jailbreak.

Step.1:From the home screen of your iPhone or iPad open the Safari Browser and type

Step.2:Once the official webpage open there you will see Install option click on Install.

Step.3:Now you will presented with two options “Ignore” and “allow” click on allow.

Step.4:A window will pop-up with a message Profile Downloaded .Tap on Close.

Step.5:Now go back to the home screen of your iPhone or iPad and open Settings and click on Profile Downloaded.

Step.6:Tap on Install option.

Step.7:It may ask to enter your Passcode and then tap on Continue.

Step.8:Now you will be presented with two options Cancel and Install tap on Install.

Step.9:And then finished it by tapping on DONE.

Step.10:Now go back to the home screen of your iPhone or iPad and launch the TweakBox app.

Step.11:At the top of the screen you will see APPS tap on it.

Step.12:Under the Categories you have to tap on Tweakbox Apps.

Step.13:Now scroll down until you find Kodi App and once you find it Tap on it.

Step.14:Now click on Install to install Kodi on iPhone.

Step.15:Now to confirm the installation process tap on Install again.

Step.16:Now again go back to the Home screen and head over to the Settings and the General.

Step.17:Now you have to Profiles & Device Management.

Step.18: Now you have to tap on the text located under the ENTERPRISE APPS.

Step.19:Now you have to click on Trust “Chongqing Junhan Technology Co… or any other text that appear on the scree.

Step.20 Another window will pop up with two options simply tap on Trust.

Step.21:That it Now go back to the Home screen of your iPhone/iPad there you will see Kodi App install now open the kodi app.

That was all on Download and Install Kodi on iOS 13 Without Jailbreak Now you can enjoy Kodi on your iPhone and iPad.If this Tutorial helped you in any way then share it with your friends and family member.IF you find any problem while installing Kodi then comment down below in the comment section we will love to solve your problem.

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